Lionel Berthault Safaris in Mauritius

Hunting estate Size

Our 3 hunting estates totalize 14 500 Hectares privately owned area and they are all situated at less than 45 minutes from each other. One is a 8000 hectares, the second one is a 4500 hectares estate and the third one is a 2000 hectares estate. The biggest one is a more African style biotope with acacia thorn trees with huge open land moving up to splendid mountains. 

The other two are more a primary sub tropical forests areas with thick endemic forests with water falls and rivers, green open land and hilly to mountains areas. All of them are fenced to preserve the environment from the animals grazing. It is illegal in Mauritius to leave the deer out of any fence and will be all shot to protect our last endemic forest that represents only 3 percent of the island.