Lionel Berthault Safaris in Mauritius

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Unleash Your Explorer Within: 14,500 hectares of Untamed Majesty Await Across 3 Private Hunting Estates in Mauritius

Unleash your inner adventurer across 14,500 hectares of unparalleled hunting terrain at our three exclusive, privately-owned estates in Mauritius, each accessible within a convenient 45-minute drive. Immerse yourself in diverse biotopes, from African-inspired savannas to lush sub-tropical forests with cascading waterfalls, all teeming with a vibrant array of wildlife.

The types of domains are :

  • Grand Safari (8,000 hectares):

    • Experience the thrill of the chase in an expansive African-style arena. Traverse sweeping plains dotted with acacia thorn trees, reminiscent of the iconic Serengeti, before tackling majestic mountain ranges that pierce the sky.

  • Tropical Oasis (4,500 hectares): Embark on a journey through an Edenic labyrinth of verdant primary forests. Discover hidden gems like mystical waterfalls and glimmering rivers, their paths weaving through a tapestry of endemic flora and fauna. Ascend rolling hills and breathtaking mountains, their verdant shoulders cloaked in mist.

  • Hidden Sanctuary (2,000 hectares): Unveil the secrets of a secluded paradise. This intimate haven boasts a mosaic of habitats, from dense, emerald forests to sun-dappled meadows. Encounter exotic species in their natural sanctuary, where tranquility reigns supreme.

Conservation with every stride: All estates are fully fenced, upholding our commitment to sustainable hunting practices. This crucial act preserves Mauritius’ precious endemic forests, representing only 3% of the island, and safeguards the island’s delicate ecosystem for future generations.

More than just the chase: Each estate offers an unforgettable experience beyond the thrill of the hunt. Enjoy expert guidance from our seasoned team, savor authentic Mauritian cuisine prepared with fresh, local ingredients, and unwind in luxurious accommodations nestled amidst the wild beauty.

Craft your adventure today: Contact us and let us design your bespoke hunting journey in the heart of Mauritius. Choose your biotope, your challenge, and your level of luxury. We stand ready to guide you on an unforgettable voyage through untamed landscapes, responsible practices, and breathtaking encounters.