Lionel Berthault Safaris in Mauritius

Hunting season

The hunting season starts in the middle of May up to the end of November.

May to end of June the antlers are in velvet and not yet cleaned depending of the season but the antlers are hard and fully grown…

The matting season start in the middle of July up to the end of August in our 4500 and 2000 hectares estate and start in September up to the middle of November in the 8000 hectares. This is just to say that we can propose our client to hunt our Rusa deer during the matting season from middle of July to end of November for the passionate matting hunters. 

September up to the end of November the stags are less impressive cause they lost 30 percent of their weight and their skin is a bit damaged due to the rut but if it happens we will replace the skin.