Lionel Berthault Safaris in Mauritius

Our animals

Trophy is one thing that we are 100 percent concerned but age of the animal and how we will kill the deer is an other of our main target. This is what will make your hunt memorable and we will do our best for it. 

Rusa deer is a beautiful esthetic deer that was introduced from Java Island by the Dutch in 1639. Since that time the deer population exploded under the hunters regulation and nowadays they are plenty and with some of the biggest trophies available. They can weight 320, up to 400 pounds for the biggest one at the beginning of the season. The heaviest antlers my clients shot was close to 15.4 pounds (7 kilos) and the longest was 39 inches. The average is 33 inches with good mass and the hunt is only by walk and stalk. 

Wild boar is in fact an Indonesian boar cross breed with some domestic pigs 200 years back ago. They are also hunted by wak and stalk in our estates OR in sugar cane plantation, completely wild and every year we harvesting more than 100 of them. They can weigh 155 pounds (70 kilos) life weigh for the bigest and even some 66 pounds life weigh boars (30 kilos) can have good tusks. 

Small game: Hunting small game in Mauritius has been possible for eight years. We hunt with pointing dogs and in great driven from 8 to 10 posts.
Hunt with us the pheasants, the Red partridge, the grey Francolins of India and the Helmeted Guinea fowls in front of a panorama of turquoise blue lagoons which is unique in the world.
The hunts are all organized during the mornings which gives you time during the afternoon to hunt Rusa deer or brown pigs.
We have everything on site, ammunition weapons and pointing dogs and our team will be happy to make you discover a real hunt. We re-introduce the birds long time before, and none will be released during the season. Many birds also reproduce on site and breeding success is high due also to our trapping lines against mongooses.
Come and experience our hunt for small game with pointing dogs under the Mauritian sun.