Lionel Berthault Safaris in Mauritius

What does our LOGO means?

Lionel Passion Guide: Where Legacy Meets Future

Our logo isn’t just a symbol; it’s a story etched in three generations. It’s the tale of Lionel, father, son, and grandson, united by a shared name and an even deeper passion – the passion for the hunt.

A Legacy Forged in Nature:

My father (the first face in the logo) laid the foundation. He taught me more than just the intricacies of the hunt; he instilled within me a profound respect for Mother Nature, the importance of conservation, and the ethical responsibility that comes with wielding a weapon. This wasn’t just about trophies; it was about understanding our place in the natural world and acting as stewards of its preservation.

Continuing the Journey:

From the age of three, I (the middle figure) have walked in my father’s footsteps, embracing the hunter’s legacy with dedication and passion. My bow and rifle have accompanied me through over 40 countries, each expedition etching its own memories into my soul.

The Future Takes Aim:

And then there’s him, my son (the final face), representing the future of our lineage. He holds a traditional bow, a symbol of both atavism and the evolution of a tradition. He walks our path, but his arrows carve their own unique destiny.

More Than Just Hunts, We Offer a Philosophy:

At Lionel Passion Guide, we’re not just offering hunts; we’re offering a legacy. We believe in the right to hunt, in the values it imbues, and in its unifying power. Whether you come from afar or just down the road, regardless of your background or beliefs, you’re welcome to join us on this shared journey.

Come, walk with us. Experience the thrill of the chase, the reverence for nature, and the enduring bond forged in the pursuit of passion.