Lionel Berthault Safaris in Mauritius

What does our LOGO means?

Our logo is the symbol of our company and represents what we are. Why “Lionel Passion Guide”? Because my father, myself and my son have the same name and the same passion. My father (first in the logo) taught me how to hunt, how to act with mother nature, how to respect it and its conservation, the quotas, the hunting ethics, the meat process etc. Hunting represents all that we have and I (in the middle) have been following his tracks since I am 3 years old. 

I am a dedicated and passionate rifle and bow hunter and I am lucky for having been hunting in more than 40 countries with a compound bow or rifle. 

My son at the end represents the future, the conservation, the abnegation to be a hunter nowadays, the atavism and the tradition with his traditional bow. He is still following our tracks to reach the same target but with his own tool. This is what we are and what we are offering too. To preserve our right to hunt in family, for all people, whatever their ethnicity, genders or social status. We are all following the same track and offering this philosophy in all the hunts we propose…