Lionel Berthault Safaris in Mauritius

Where are we ?

Our country is Mauritius and it is a safe and tiny luxurious island situated in the INDIAN ocean at 4 hours from Johannesburg (South Africa) or 10 hours flight from Paris, Frankfurt or Madrid.

Our country is an English and French speaking country with white sandy beaches surrounding the island and lots of beautiful turquoise clear water facing huge lagoons. We have the best 5 stars resorts and the most impressive one. The RUSA DEER have been re-introduced from Java Island (Indonesia) to make some live stock for Dutch sailors.

Our guest house and main hunting estate is situated in the south. Bel Ombre is for us, and since 10 years that we are living there, a jewel and a stunning place. Wild,luxurious, traditional , authentic, popular and remote Living there for some days is definitely a source of happiness and relaxation.