Lionel Berthault Safaris in Mauritius

Who are we?

We are the pioneer and the first to dedicate our life and passion to promote hunting in the country since 2003. 

We (my wife our son and me) are hunters, fishermen, outdoor lovers, globe trotters and we are doing all this in family.

I am the director of “Lionel Passion Guide”, founder of the oldest specialized hunting company in the country and first guide specialized in Rusa deer in Mauritius. I am also reporter for 5 magazines and videgrapher for the biggest TV Chanel in France. I was lucky and fortunate to guide more than 1000 clients from 24 different nationalities. I learn a lot and still learning from my guest and this is why I decide to be a professional Guide for dedicated hunters. I am a bow and rifle hunter as well as my wife Kathleen who has also been helping me since 2006 to organize and welcome the clients.

Hunting is in my veins since my father taught me and accepted me on his side when I was 3 years old only, in the French open land, mountains and forests.